Circus is Meie film season 1 episode 1.

Meie Film S01E01-Circus


Started in a circle show. Hurda, Hurda Grandma, Trepnitsa and Valgelauk were the audience. At the top, the cushion was kicked out from behind. Unfortunately, she hid herself in the audience. The publisher saw that it was not right. The public shouted: "Buu! Buu! Buu!" Hurda added, "My findings are better than this magic!" Trepnitsa said: "My business house is more important !!!" Valgelauk shouted: "I would have won the racing contest during this time! Besides, this is a circus, not a magic show! You can not do magic! Please circus! It was still a CIRCUS performance!"

Started his second trick. It was a honeycomb. I kicked the hood 10 times in the air, but never got it to my head. 

Me said: "The audience is definitely very excited and asking for this trick the second time!" Trepnitsa shouted: "I'm falling down from boredom!" Hurda said: "I'm going to sleep!" Hurda's grandmother added: "Buu! Buu! Buu!" was frustrated.

I started my third thing - the zonglower. I tried it three times, but every time the balls dropped right off. Trepnitsa fell from the chair. Hurda's grandmother called: "BUU! Buu!"

I started my fourth thing - Spring jumping + hatchet. I started to jump on the spring. I hit the air and dropped down. The cricket fell to the floor. Trepnitsa was sleeping. Hurda's grandmother called: "Buu! Buu!"

I started my fifth thing - catching a big pillow. All of me stuffed the air and the cushion fell to the floor.  

My First Trick

This happened in the next fifteen times. After the trick, Hurda had fallen asleep. Hurda's grandmother called: "Buu! Buu!"  I grieved and shouted: "I do not know how to circus!" Trepnitsa and Hurda got up. They got an idea. They trapped on the stage. Hurda became a zonglong. Hurda did it very well. Trepnitsa enjoyed hatchet. Trepnitsa knew that terribly well. Hurda Grandma came on stage and began to catch a big pussy. Hurda's grandmother liked it. She did it very well. The meal began to spray jerk. He liked it. The audience liked this very much because of the fact that they themselves were on stage! This was the best circus show! 


[1]My first trick.[2]

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