Hurda Is Big! is Pandacity Stories season 1 episode 17.


Hurda has stumbled and her serums fell to her head. She was gigantically big! She did not get her shrinkage serum because she was too big. Trulla's family and bears had to help her.The predators came to Pandacity to start the war. When the predators saw the big Hurda, they fled immediately from Pandacity. Everyone was happy. However, Trulla's family still had to get Hurda's normal size.


  • Hurda
  • Pandam
  • Pandap
  • Pandak
  • Lion King
  • Mütsika
  • Pruun
  • Potsota
  • Karum
  • Karub
  • War Tiger
  • Black Flying Scared
  • Flying Attacker
  • Smart Fox


  • This is a first episode containing the name of Hurda.
  • This is the first episode where someone is very big. The second episode where there is someone big is Big plant. And the third episode where someone is big is Big apple.


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