(Movie first)

Pandam is running in Pandacity. In Kraavla.

Pandam: I can't believe my eyes. You is Red Car...

Red Car: ... Whom we drove to young.

Pandam: I have to save you!

Red Car: I can handle it myself.

Red Car is five times jumping and shouted: Ouch!

Red Car: I still can not.

Pandam is jumping.

Red Car: Thank You!

Pandam: You have so many dents! You know, you've got to do fifteen years! I bring you home. My suns is take care of you.

Pandam is walked home.

Pandam: Hello!

Pandap: Hello! Who Is he?

Pandam: This is Red Car. Take care of him. I'm leaving.

Pandap: Where are you going?

Pandam: I'm going for predeators to build a towns.

Pandap: For what?

Pandam: They are got no towns! Where is Pandak?

Pandap: He sleepeng. Pandak is two years old!

Pandam: I'm going now. Goodbye!

Pandap: Goodbye!

Pandam ran to the predeators hill.

Pandam: I did not expect this!

The following activity took place five times.

Pandam is jumping. But fell down.

Pandam: Ouch!

The previous activity took place five times.

Pandam jumped to the top of the hill.

Pandam: I did!

Bears came out of the forest.

Bears: (singing): We are not predeators! We are not predeators! We are not predeators!


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