Pandacity Stories is seria.



Season 1 01.02.2010-01.03.2010

Season 2 01.04.2012-10.05.2012

Season 3 01.09.2014-30.09.2018

Season 4 01.05.2016-05.06.2016

Season 5 10.12.2018-30.12.2018

Season 6[1] LAST SEASON! TBA (?.01.2020-?.01.2020)



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Pandam is main character, panda and mother of two children. Pandam is like sport[4]. Pandam's enemines is predeators[5].


Mütsika is main character[6] and bear. Mütsika is like sport[7]. Mütsika's enemines is Suns Of Galala[8].


Pandak is child and panda. He is the youngest member of the family. He always finds out, thanks to his brother's adventures.


Pandap is child and panda. He is adventurer.

Pandacity Movie

Pandacity Movie is movie.

Pandam is running in Pandacity. Pandam reached Kraavla. Pandam saw a Red car in the ditch. Pandam said:" I do not believe in my own eyes! Are you true you" Pandam took red car to Pandam's home. Pandam went to predators, and became friends with bears. The war broke out between Pandam and predators. Pandam and bears won the war. They put the predators in prison. Pandam and bears started to do sports. Bears did not bother to do sports. Only Mütsika did sport. Mütsika made a highscore. Pandam and Mütsika were called to Sydney. There was a running competition. Pandam won. Mütsika is second. Pandam and Mütsika did not receive a medal. They had to make a call in the Pandacity. After they began to build the city. But at the same time, predators fled from prison.

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  1. This season is TBA!
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  4. Pandam made sports at episodes Work Out and Sport and Lottery.
  5. Predeators is Pandam's enemines in season 1-season 3.
  6. Mütsika is main character in Pandacity movie.
  7. Mütsika is like sport in Pandacity Movie.
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