Pandam is character in Pandacity movie .  ==Story==

Pandacity movie 

Pandam is running in Pandacity.

Pandacity movie 2 [1]

Pandam together other animals running in Pandacity tower.

Pandacity movie 3 [2]

Pandam fled from Galala for a ride so Galala could not see her.

Pandacity movie 4 [3]

Pandam said:"The Galala is destroyed, we are now living a peaceful life."

Pandacity movie 5 

Pandam said:"Predators, again! When do we get the second part?" The predators answered, "We never will! We will win you! We have Q syringe! You have nothing!"

Pandacity movie 6 [4]

Padam said:"Humans, what are you doing here?" One human answered:"I'm Tomlit! I'm bad!"

Pandacity movie 7 [5]

Pandam said:"Human Tomlit, you're back!"

Pandacity movie 8 - Suns of Galala [6]

Pandam said:"Who are they yet?"

Pandacity Stories

Forest is lost

Pandam is awake because Pandak screamed behind the window. When Pandam discovered that the forest had disappeared, she called the bear to solve the problem. It took them a long time to solve the mystery. They went to Hurda.

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