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Season Episodes# First premiere
First Airdate Last Airdate
1 30 01 February 2010
("Forest Is Lost")
01 March 2010
("Pandak Is Doctor")


1. Forest Is Lost 
Pandam discovered that there was no forest! Pandam called bears. They started to investigate. Finally it turned out that Hurda had made the forest invisible to her machine!
2. Predeators Is Back!
Pruun is walking in forest. War Tiger tried to catch Pruun. Pruun said where Pandam lives. The predators went to Pandam to eat. Pandam ordered a meaty cheese. The predators ate this cheese and then fled for bad taste.
3. Pandam Is Away
Pandam went on a trip. Pandap and Pandak rag at home because Pandam was traveling. When Pandam came back, everything was messed up. The house was in need of big repair!
4. New Bus Problem
The predators wanted to destroy Pandam and the Bears. Lion King thought of a new bus line. Great problems started. Finally, the Pandam Predators kicked off.
5. Pandak's Birthday
Pandak wanted a lot of attractions for his birthday. Unfortunately, the attractions were too much. At the same time, all the attractions collapsed. The party had to be saved!
6. Big Hunger
Pandap and Pandak always ordered food at home.
7. Flood
Pandap and Pandak were ordering food at home. Finally, the store got food. Great hunger started.
8. Travel In Cosmos, part 1
Pandak wanted to travel to space. Pandam invited all his friends to visit. Hurda looked at Pandak and gave him a piece of paper that had something to say, "I do not know what the letter says. I found it at the door of this house." Pandak read the letter, and then something happened: they were caught up with their home in space!
9. Travel In Cosmos, part 2
Everyone was scared when they had already left Milky Way. Hurda was accompanied by another paper. He read the text there, and Pandam's house fell to the ground!
10. Big Route
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