Episode first.

Pandak: I feel that we have one family member missing.

Pandam: Who then?

Pandak: My dad. Where is he?

Pandam: At work.

Pandak: I do not believe it because he has never been to home.

Pandam: He is abroad

Pandak: Why?

Pandam: He works there.

Pandak: How many years?

Pandam: Five years.

Pandak: I do not believe you, I'm six years old!

Pandam: It's true. Ask for a Pandap. Pandap!

Pandap: What is?

Pandam: Come here!

Pandak: Have you seen my dad?

Pandap: Yes.

Pandak: Good! We invite him here!

Pandap: Yes!

Thelephone is rings.

Pandap: Who?

The Pandak's and Pandap's Dad: Pandap!

Pandap: Who!

The Pandak's and Pandap's Dad: Don't you remember me?

Pandap: No.

The Pandak's and Pandap's Dad: I'm Pandasil.

Pandap: Pandasil? Hmm... Pandasil...Pandasil...Just like that! You is Pandasil!

Pandasil: I'm you dad!

Pandap: Yes! Come here! Come! Please! Please!

Pandasil: Give the phone Pandam!

Pandap: Pandam! Come here!

Pandam: Pandasil! You!

Pandasil: I will come back!

Pandap: Party! Yes!

Pandap is running to Hurda.

Pandap: Come! My Dad is come! The party begins right away!

Hurda: Your dad? I'll take my serums! We will see at the party!

Later. The doorbell rings.

Pandap: Pandasil!

Pandasil: I'm back!

Hurda: I came too!

Red Car: Me too!

Pandam: What your job got now? It moved to Pandacity!

Pandak: Father! I have never seen you!

Pandasil: Where is Pandar?

Pandam, Pandak, Pandap, Hurda and Red car: Who is Pandar?

Episode is end.

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